Book Group – Victory Lap / The Lowdown of a LOUD Sound single

Book Group – Victory Lap / The Lowdown of a LOUD Sound single


A new AA-side single by Edinburgh’s Book Group. Formed in 2012 from the ashes of four other bands, Book Group have been gaining a reputation for not only their tunes but also their explosive live shows. This is only the band’s second release after their self-released Homeward Sound EP earlier this year. Live favourite ‘Victory Lap’ and newer song ‘The Lowdown of a LOUD Sound’ are the songs. ‘Victory Lap’, which usually closes the set, often ends with Anderson prowling the crowd, megaphone in hand.

Limited edition blue 7″ vinyl or download.

The vinyl version comes with a free download of the two songs plus a Jonnie Common remix of ‘Victory Lap’ and a brand new, unheard song, ‘Gutter Call’.

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“Evoking and defying Grandaddy’s Sophtware Slump” – The List

“alt-rock scholars Book Group were outstanding, harnessing Bandwagonesque -era Teenage Fanclub and Grandaddy” – The Herald

“Slacker fun and games – like a purposeful Pavement with the guitar of J Mascis, only more understated, with a hint of malevolence bubbling underneath the surface.” – Is This Music?

“Live, they’re something else. Not content with blowing away crowds, big or small, with half a dozen melodic, mangled BIG tunes, the unsettling sight of Anderson prowling through the audience with a megaphone during traditional set closer Victory Lap is a deal maker.” – The Scotsman


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