The Howling Fantods

The Howling Fantods

About The Howling Fantods

The Howling Fantods is the name for a band made up of Angus Johnson, Martha Sanchez, Andrew Hell, John Tones and Jessie Taylor-Ferdinand. They recorded one song as a unit, a pop hit called Top of the Pops.

The song is actually a duet from Craig Angus (Savage Mansion, Poor Things) and Martha Ffion, backed by a band featuring members of Catholic Action and Herbert Powell.

This song, written by Angus, dates back to about 2012 and might have been a Poor Things song at one point had the band not decided to call it quits. Craig had booked some time to track the Poor Things album that never happened and decided to have a bit of fun instead, roping in a few friends and recording a couple of the songs, including TotP. By the time this came around he’d already written a handful of Savage Mansion songs that seemed to have a separate identity, and so it was those songs that were taken forward. But here lies TotP, and two years down the line we’ve given it life, and it shall be heard, and maybe The Howling Fantods will do more with their sarcastic pop.


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