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Book Group

About Book Group

Formed in Edinburgh in 2012, Book Group have slowly-but-surely been bringing their take on fuzzy indie rock to anywhere that will have them. Formed from the ashes of four other Edinburgh bands, their live shows have been compared to the likes of Grandaddy, The Lemonheads and The Twilight Sad.

Front man Graeme Anderson uses story-driven lyrics, vocal harmonies and synths to bring pop sensibilities to walls of thundering drums and feed-backing guitars, and Book Group were invited to open Fence Records’ inaugural Gnomegame Festival, 2013’s Aberfeldy Festival, and play to a packed tent at Wickerman this summer.

Their debut EP ‘Homeward Sound’ (produced by Ric Rogass – Broken Records) sold out on vinyl, and now live favourite ‘Victory Lap’ and newer song ‘The Lowdown of a LOUD Sound’ mark the band’s first single to date. ‘Victory Lap’, which usually closes the set, often ends with Anderson prowling the crowd, megaphone in hand.

Graeme Anderson – vocals, guitar & synth
Andrew Brodie – drums
Scott Finnigan – backing vocals and bass
Michael Morrison – guitar


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