LOVES017: Yusuf Azak – Fuel EP (and Cassette Store Day)

We’re releasing a new Yusuf Azak EP. It consists of solo piano versions of some songs from the album Peace in the Underworld, plus a brand new song which is also piano and voice, with some bonus strings, on the cassette version.

When we did our Gerry Loves the Highlands and Islands tour in April, we spent a lot of time hanging around in venues, waiting. Lots of these venues had a piano, and it became clear very quickly that Yusuf could play all his songs on piano, as well as any popular song you could think of. So amongst the slightly drunken renditions of Bowie, Elton John and the Stones, he would play beautiful piano and voice versions of songs from his new album. We knew we had to get him to record some of these, and it happened to coincide nicely with Cassette Store Day.

This is the part where we’re supposed to say something about the beauty of these stripped down arrangements, and how they really show off Yusuf’s songwriting abilities, or something. Just listen to them, they’re great.

On Saturday 27th September 2014, for Cassette Store Day we’ll release a very limited run of 50 cassette versions of the EP, including the bonus brand new song. This will be available from as many of the participating shops as possible. If you want to buy one we strongly recommend you ask your local shop to order some copies. There are only 50 for the whole¬†of the UK.

On Monday 6th October the 3-song EP will be available digitally.


The first song is streaming now. The others will be streaming over the next couple of weeks.

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