CHUMP – At Least We Got A Song Out Of It

CHUMP – At Least We Got A Song Out Of It


Recorded at Green Door Studios, the A-side is ‘At Least We Got a Song Out of It’. A shrugging kiss-off of a song, a diss track for summertime. The B-side ‘Lose Your Life’ features bass player Tony on vocals, calmly offering advice to the listener against a lullaby-esque instrumental.

Available on limited edition 7″ vinyl and digital.

The 7″ comes with a free download of the two songs, plus an extra bonus song.

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“every song effortlessly pieces together a narrative of a trouble, a grungey, slow-core take on American songwriting that never feels like it’s anywhere near a cliche” Monorail Music, Glasgow

“Conjuring up sleepy, hazy days… really pull you in with their lyrics” Ravechild

“sulky, angsty and strikingly beautiful in its delivery” Overdrive

“first appear to have a slower, solemn drone, yet their sound disintegrates into loud, melancholic, distorted noise” Indulge Sound

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