Yusuf Azak – Peace in the Underworld

Yusuf Azak – Peace in the Underworld


The third album by Yusuf Azak. It’s an album of off-kilter folk pop songs with Yusuf’s unique gruff-but-sweet vocals. It’s also a more luxurious sound than his other records, with his excellent songwriting and acoustic guitar skills filled out with drums, drum machines, keyboards, electronics and more.

Released on download, limited vinyl LP and very limited cassette. The vinyl version comes in a hand screen printed sleeve and both vinyl and cassette come with a download of the album plus bonus material.

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“a really unusual singer songwriter and a great guitarist” —Vic Galloway, BBC

“a distinct beauty… Something you’ll notice immediately about Yusuf’s music is the gruffness of his vocal, it’s sugary sweet and forever in-tune but it sure does sound like sandpaper rubbing against a light bulb; he has the kind of vocal where you’d genuinely loathe the man if he were faking it even a single percent, but thankfully I think our Yusuf is singing with truth. Once you’ve made your peace with his grazed gullet you’ll pick up on his ludicrously nimble fingers, Yusuf picks and plays with a hint of Dave Evans” —GoldFlakePaint

“Sounds like a lungful of autumn air… Inspiring stuff.” —STV

“Basically he sounds like a ghostly set of old bellows, wheezing in and out and managing to rather surprisingly generate some fantastic songs whilst doing so.” —Song, by Toad

“Dreamy, smokey, whimsical but a million miles from stoned mysticism… the idiosyncratic product of a highly individual talent.” —Music OMH

“I think it’s absolutely spellbinding. Forever transmitting from another world, or maybe just another bedsit, Azak lays down his groove in a spiritual, slightly ghostly manner” —Incendiary Magazine

“An individual sound, combining distinctive vocals and gorgeous guitar melodies – simple, but enrapturing.” —Dauphin Magazine

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