CHUMP are a sulkcore three-piece from Glasgow. “the kind of music you’d heard for last dance at the prom in a ‘90s teen dramedy… before the flames rise up and everyone dies.” It started as the sleepyheaded bedroom project of singer and guitarist (yeah, she knows it’s upside-down) Tara, and soon loudly woke up with the addition of drummer Matt and bass player Tony.

They’ve played shows with the likes of Chastity Belt, Menace Beach, PAWS, Diet Cig

In late 2016 they recorded at Green Door Studios. These songs became their first EP, the cassette Treat Me Mean, which they released by themselves as a non-prank on April Fool’s Day. It’s all worked out though because they’ve had to repress that cassette.

Returning to Green Door Studios, they recorded their forthcoming 7” on Gerry Loves Records, ‘At Least We Got a Song Out of It’. A shrugging kiss-off of a song, a diss track for summertime. The b-side ‘Lose Your Life’ features Tony on vocals, calmly offering advice to the listener against a lullaby-esque instrumental.


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