Scottish Independent Music Fair – Glasgow, 8th Dec 2012

8th December 2012
Chambre 69, Glasgow
Free entry

Playing live:

  1. Jo Mango (1.30pm)
  2. So Many Animal Calls (2.15pm)
  3. Le Thug (3pm)
  4. Fake Major (3.45pm)
  5. Colin Reid (Cuddly Shark) (4.30pm)
  6. Rick Redbeard (5.15pm)

Labels selling their wares: Armellodie Records, Chaffinch Records, Chemikal Underground, Gerry Loves Records, Song By Toad, Rock Action, Olive Grove Records, Biphonic, Cath Records, Comet and Cartwheels and Overlook Records.

We’ll have a stall at the third SMIA Independent Music Fair. This time it’s on the 8th December, just in time for you to do all your Christmas shopping!

The first two events, both in Edinburgh, were a real success with lots of people coming down to see the bands and buy music and merch. This one promises to be even better. We’ve got Rick Redbeard playing a set, as well as lots of other good artists. There will be food offers and bar, so you can hang out all afternoon and browse and watch live music. Sounds pretty good to us.

You’ll have first dibs on our new run of t-shirts (same design, new colours). You’ll be able to get all our releases (that we haven’t sold out of) and there will be bargains to be had on some of them. We’ll have compilation tapes and stickers to give away too.

We hope to see you there. We’d really appreciate if you could spread the word, online and off. There’s a Facebook event you could invite people too also. There’s more info on the SMIA site too.


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